Coaching for Organizations and Individuals

I love coaching. I love observing, interacting, reading, and learning about great leaders in organizations and athletics. It takes me back to my days on the football sidelines (and every sideline of every major sport) at my university where I worked on the athletic training staff. I had an amazing mentor, tended to injuries, offered encouragement, cheered successes, and was treated like an important part of the program from the head coaches and by every player and staff member. I think that’s when I got hooked. I love healing, transforming, and celebrating the wins - together. Why not marry that with my passion for figuring things out and partnering with people that want to elevate performance? I work with high achieving executive parents trying to bridge achievement with presence. These folks usually refer me to their high achieving kids looking to elevate their performance on and off their fields of play.


I was first introduced to meditation in 2014. My first exercise was loving kindness – Metta. It was so powerful in shifting my own healing it led me to study with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach along with the Greater Good Science Center in the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program. I offer retreats and weekly sits. You can request more information here. I love bringing this to classrooms, athletic fields, and board rooms – all the places and spaces that invite the cultivation of peace, presence, and collaboration.


I offer specially designed signature workshops that maximize participation and foster the uplift and learning we all need from an outside perspective.


I have created opportunities to learn together and at a self-directed pace. You will get access to programs I’ve piloted with success for support on your journey and I’ll be celebrating the wins with you.


We put great value on our time. I especially value yours and mine. For those who want a portable companion, feel free to access the raising human•kind podcast here and I’ll be happy to accompany you on your commute or for morning coffee (the latter is my favorite)