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Why am I Reacting This Way to the Death of Bush 41?

This was originally published on Medium George Herbert Walker Bush passed away last week and the news stories were flooding in across the channels — no matter your political leanings. I watched and listened to what the anchors were saying on various channels so I could take it in. I noticed my throat was getting tight and…

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Employee Engagement: How to Curate Safe Environments

This was originally posted on Medium As an Appreciative Inquiry and positive psychology practitioner , Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), wife, and mother, I am interested in the intersection of home, school, work, and play. How aligned are we across these domains of life, and how does that impact our engagement in them? In need of…

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Defining Kindness in its many Grammatical Forms

This was originally posted on Medium I posted in another forum the following question: Is kindness a verb, an adjective or a noun? How do you define it? I am hoping some more responses come in that tell me why people feel it’s one or all of the above. To date, the responses have focused on the…

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